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Every 30 seconds another person becomes a victim of slavery.

The age range of girls forced into the illegal sex trade is 12-18 years.

Every year in Miami,
sexual exploitation of victims generates close to $235M.

But there is hope

We have a mission of freedom, health, and restoration

A mission to provide safety, wholeness, and healing.

Join us!


Welcome to The Glory House
of Miami

Our Story

In August of 2011 our eyes were opened to the sex trafficking industry and the shocking truth that the trade is thriving in our own backyard. Around the world, approximately 27 million men, women, and children are enslaved and trafficked. Florida is commonly cited along with New York and California as being one of the top destinations for trafficking victims in the United States, but in Miami alone, $235M is generated through the exploitation of captive adults and children.

These facts hung heavy in our hearts, and our mission became to provide a safe home and healing environment where rescued victims will regain their freedom and health, and where they can become wholly restored through a faith-based approach.
The Glory House of Miami provides long-term service to rescued female victims between the ages of 18-25 years.

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Who We Are

The Glory House of Miami is a Christ-centered non-profit organization devoted to healing and restoring the lives of those who have suffered the abuse and exploitation of sex trafficking.

Staff – Glory House employs one Executive Director, a full-time house mother and a weekend house mother to serve the survivors.  As we continue to grow and expand we will have a part time psychologist and other future positions as the need arise.
Volunteers – Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Glory House family. Volunteer positions range from mentors, manual laborers, nutritionists, artists, intercessors, grant writers, bookkeepers, GED tutors, job coaches, life skills coaches, social workers, fundraisers, social networkers, and on and on. There is no skill that cannot be put to good use, and if you feel you have a gift to give, hop on over to our Signup page and tell us how you’d like to help!
Donations – As a non-profit organization, Glory House of Miami gets funding from donations to support the cause of building a home for female survivors of sex trafficking between the ages of 18-25 years old. Please consider donating below:

Our Board

Board of Directors

Maria Vadia  – Founder and Chairman
Betty Lara – Executive Director
Pastor Alfredo Castro – Ministry Relations Director
Desiree Leone – Director
Veronica Ramirez – Director
Maria Colon – Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer
Vali Leone – Prayer Intercessor Groups’ Leader

Board Advisors:

  • Ellen Accurso
  • Leonor Alvarez
  • Isabel Alvarez
  • Fifi Smith
  • Susan Alvarez
  • Ina Rosell

Meet the Board:

Meet the Board


What We Do

At the Glory House of Miami, we are dedicated to serving rescued victims of the sex trafficking industry.

Referred to us through domestic violence shelters, law enforcement, victim advocates and other community organizations, survivors are welcomed into our long-term facility where healing can begin.

Among the services we provide are medical care, spiritual guidance, mental health care, social services, legal support, reintegration, education, arts, vocational training, and job and life skills training – all for the purpose of igniting hope for these women.
Our goal is that those who have been broken by abuse will be restored to healthy mind, body, and spirit during their stay with us.

Also on the forefront of our purpose is to educate citizens in our community and beyond through outreach programs, trafficking awareness events, networking and social media.

Make sure to follow us if you’d like to become a part of the movement.


Learn More About What We Do


At the Glory House of Miami, we are dedicated to serving rescued victims of the sex trafficking industry.

Click the following links to learn more ways that Glory House of Miami is helping improve the lives of those affected.



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